Vision Campaign 2020

G3 Vision Graphic

Dream with me for a moment. Imagine so many people worshipping on a Sunday morning at G3 that we have to expand into the cafeteria. Imagine that we have so many children learning about God’s love that we need to have four different Sprouts classes! Imagine having to start up three more growth groups to help disciple all the newcomers. Imagine G3 being known throughout the Meadowlark community as the place for healing, for unconditional love, and for our servant’s hearts. Just imagine having monthly baptisms as men, women, teens and children follow Jesus and experience a new life. That is the kind of church I want to be part of, and I imagine you do as well.

Sounds great Ron, but how do we get there, right? In October at G3, we are going to have a Vision Campaign. What exactly is that? After much prayer, conversation and planning, the leaders of G3 developed our Vision Plan 2024 this past spring. Since then we have worked tirelessly to tweak our ministries and programs so we can live into this vision. Our October Vision Campaign will be, among many things, an opportunity for us to commit the resources we will need to move forward. As you review the Vision 2024 plan, you will see it is very ambitious. I prefer to say it is a “God-sized” dream. I wholeheartedly believe it is within our grasp if we are faithful to the calling God has given our church.

So what do I mean by “faithful?” That is one of those churchy words we throw around a lot but rarely ever define. What I mean by “faithful” here is to live out our G3 membership covenant. And what is that? Here is the short version: pray for our church, invite people to join us at worship, join a small group community, serve according to our spiritual gifts and give in proportion to what God has given us. If we are honest, most of us do okay with all except the last. Why? Many of us grew up in churches where it seemed all they talked about was money. Others of us have felt that if we give our time to God by serving then we don’t have to give financially. And there are some of us who simply never understood that when it comes to money and the church that it really isn’t about the money, it is a matter of the heart. In other words, our giving is not primarily a financial issue but a spiritual one with real-world implications, and that is what we will be talking about in October in a series entitled “First.” If we as a church family can put God first in everything, there is nothing that we through God’s power cannot do, including achieving our 2024 Vision. I hope and pray you will join us.

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